Hi, I'm Jay.

I'm a full-stack web developer based in Seattle. Let's work together!



An asymmetric, hidden-information card game about robbing banks. It's loosely based on the card games Android: Netrunner and One Last Job. Heist was built with ES6, jQuery, and jQuery UI, and laid out using Flexbox.

Drag Race Database

An app for fans of RuPaul's Drag Race, Drag Race DB helps fans keep track of their favorite drag queens' latest videos and live appearances. It also manages your Drag Race fantasy league! Full-stack app built with Node.js, Express, and Postgres.


React app that analyzes the colors of user-submitted photos and generates Spotify playlists that fit the photo's mood. Built with a 4-person group using React and MongoDB, plus the Cloudinary and Spotify APIs.

ORCA Card Reloaded

Reimagined website for the Seattle area's regional transit card. Built with React, Redux, Node.js, Express and PostgreSQL.


Hackathon project for civic good. Mobile app to connect Seattle residents who need favors or want to help their neighbors. Built in one day with one other developer and two UX designers. Uses Node, Express, EJS, Materialize, and the Mapbox API. Won "Most Innovative," FWIW.

Simple Meme Finder

App that identifies emerging memes on Twitter, built with Python and Flask and deployed to Heroku. Used at the Daily Dot to spot potential stories.




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